Kristen Stewart’s public persona is that of a badass: with her androgynous beauty, fluid sexuality and gruff intellectualism, she comes off as a sort of 21st century woman warrior. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a soft side. In a recent interview, she shared that her breakup with Robert Pattinson was emotionally devastating.


She used the experience to fuel her performance in ‘Equals,’ a new film which explores emotions and overmedication. In a dystopian future, Stewart’s character lives in a community where all feelings are medically suppressed. The film’s subject matter forced her to explore her own opinions about mood and medication: ‘Not all emotional issues are mental health issues,’ she told Seth Meyers on his late night talk show. ‘Why lessen the feeling of anything? Why numb yourself? I’m not on antidepressants. I think it’s bizarre.’

Stewart’s comments may come off as controversial—maybe offensive—to the millions of Americans who depend on the drugs to lead a productive life. Yet she brings up an important question in this age of overmedication: Do we really need all these drugs we’re taking?

What amount of feeling bad is just a normal response to modern life?



 ABC News Radio: Kristen Stewart Talks 'Painful' Time Following Robert Pattinson Split