We all know a kid who can’t sit still. This tendency—whether simply a matter of personality or a precursor to an ADHD diagnosis—often has a profoundly negative effect on a child’s chance of academic success, but maybe not for the reasons we think. While teachers often scold hyperkinetic young ‘uns, movement itself may be helping some children to learn. A new study showed that, in the brains of kids with ADHD, wiggling activated regions of the brain that aid in problem solving. (It’s worth noting that movement distracted kids without ADHD.) Many Scientists and teachers are both acknowledging the power of movement and developing curricula, which encourages kids to use their bodies in the classroom, rather than trying to ignore them. The takeaway is that there shouldn’t one specific way for how students can learn. Every child is different and if some learn better while being able to move freely, it should be part of a school's curricula. Do you know a child who learns better when moving? Share your personal experiences in the comments.