There are all kinds of remedies for insomnia, from supplements and orange sunglasses to breathing tricks and noise machines. Now, the good old lullaby has been reinvented to rock adults to sleep.

Created by composer Max Richter, the new classical-music album ’Sleep' is intended to improve the quality of your siesta. The album is eight hours long and comprises music from string instruments and the piano along with the soothing voice of a soprano. Richter and his ensemble will also be playing the entire album in Berlin this fall in which they will perform from midnight to 8 a.m. in a venue that will have hundreds of beds situated around them for concert goers to doze off during the performance.

If you’re interested in these tracks, the good news is there's some research out there substantiating the positive effects of classical music on sleep. The new album is available for purchase today. Do you have a favorite lullaby that helps you dream away?



NYMAG: A Composer Hopes His Music Will Put You to Sleep