My favorite: Luzern Bio-Suisse Lip Enhancing Treatment
Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

Martha's Skincare Cabinet

I never got over reading once that lip balms can actually dry out lips and become addictive. So I’ve gone the other way and found the most moisture-intense treatments and balms. I like to keep the treatment by my desk and apply when I’m procrastinating, and buy the Avene Cold Cream Lip Balms in bulk when I see them at the upscale CVS stores, and keep 1 in every bag, pocket and night table. It’s so creamy and not at all sticky (or drying!).

How to Choose Yours:
Alexiades says that lips are a “neglected area” and believes that lip treatments are the next horizon. “I love my Chanel lipstick,” she says, “but I’m sitting here eating cancer-causing agents all day!” It’s a personal preference for many but according to Alexiades, the fewer the ingredients the better. Wagner agrees that some formulas can dry out your lips, encouraging more usage. She recommends Jurlique Lip Care Balm: “I like as many organic or non-toxic ingredients as possible since you are practically eating it every day. Look for ones that are smooth and silky, not waxy.”