You may have heard words like "anti-vaxxer" and "herd immunity" being thrown around a lot lately, especially since the Disneyland measles outbreak in January. A lot of the "anti-vax" community believes that some vaccines, especially the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, can cause autism, despite the medical community at large disputing this. Then there are those who believe in "herd immunity", the idea that everyone should be vaccinated in order to stamp out occurrences of that disease entirely. Both groups want to essentially protect themselves and their communities, but there doesn't seem to be a strong anti-vax contingent in the the 16 African countries have nearly a 100 percent vaccination rate. Meanwhile both the U.S. and Canada have under the 95 percent measles vaccination rate that qualifies for herd immunity. Yet since there is currently insufficient data for autism prevalence rates in those African countries, it's impossible to see if there's a statistical correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism rates in countries like Egypt, Tanzania and Libya.