It’s no news to yogis or Buddhists that observing mindfulness techniques—such as meditation and being in the present moment—are important tools for wellness and relaxation. And now there’s proof that these techniques can help ward off recurring depression, even for those who struggle with ongoing relapses.

According to a new study, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy that trains oneself to be actively conscious of the present moment proved to be as effective as taking depression medications. The therapy sessions focused on teaching patients how to recognize negative thoughts and feelings and then learn to disconnect from them.

As one patient shared about his experience, “Mindfulness puts me in charge, allowing me to take control of my own future, to spot when I am at risk and to make the changes I need to stay well.” If you practice meditation, tell us what do you think of this study in the comments below and how you’ve personally benefitted from meditation techniques.



The Guardian: Mindfulness as effective as pills for treating recurrent depression - study