In today’s ‘Oh, the Joys of Getting Older’ news: Moderate drinking (or one drink daily) is showing to have adverse effects on people's hearts as they age. A study done by researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston found that of the 4,400 participants, whose ages averaged 76, one drink a day caused a small reduction in heart function, especially for the women. The men who consumed more than 14 drinks a week tended to have a more enlarged left ventricle in their heart walls—an indication that the left ventricle is working harder to pump with as much force as a healthy heart. But what about moderate drinking being healthy for the heart? Other experts are quick to point out that these findings go against past studies, which have shown that light to moderate alcohol consumption can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Plus, the American Heart Association still maintains that it’s okay for men to drink one to two drinks per day and women to drink one daily drink. Considering the ongoing contradictions, do you think moderate drinking is good for the heart? Or do you think this new study is onto something? Tell us in the comments!