When it comes to fitness trackers, you no longer need to spend top dollar to get in top shape. For the price of a drugstore pedometer — less than $30 — the Movo Wave is one of the cheapest fitness devices around but it’s a bare bones device.

Unlike Jawbone and Fitbit, there's no sleep quality tracking and customized alerts to get you going. The Movo Wave focuses on three metrics: Steps, distance traveled and calories burned. The company believes those three areas are the most important to understanding your daily habits. The device tracks your steps, distance and calories. It also syncs with your smartphone.

An added bonus of the Wave is that users can pair their activity to photos of moments in their daily lives, creating a "life log" says the company.

The device is water-resistant but the company doesn’t recommend users swim or shower with it.

For the price point, this is a good device for those just getting into wearable fitness devices without having to spend too much. Heck, these things can be easy to lose so that’s another reason why this band might be the one to go with. But there are a lot of great alternative brands as well including Jawbone and Fitbit.

Why would a wearable fitness band be of interest to you? What specific metrics would you be looking for on a device before you buy it?



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