Seeing hair models tossing their perfectly glossy, bouncy locks on a shampoo commercial is enough to make most of us buy the product. But most of us don’t realize that most shampoos' alkalinity (i.e. high on the pH scale) could be doing more harm than good by disturbing our hair’s natural pH levels.

Herbal-based shampoos, on the other hand, don't disrupt your hair's balance and may be the better route. What’s more? We were surprised to learn that the herbs we use for cooking and eating can be beneficial for our scalps. Take chamomile for starters: Besides functioning as a soothing herbal tea, it restores natural shine and actually brings out natural highlights for blondes. For those prone to dandruff, look for a shampoo (or maybe even make your own concoction) with parsley or tea tree oil. And the secret for putting off gray hairs for as long as possible (yes please!) is sage, which also lessens hair loss, scalp infection, dandruff and oily hair.

Sherrie Strausfogel, author of Hawaii's Spa Experience: Rejuvenating Secrets of the Islands, shared with Better Nutrition a list of hair-friendly herbs you can look for:

  • ALOE to stimulate hair growth and condition.
  • ARNICA to alleviate scalp issues.
  • BURDOCK ROOT to treat scalp problems and make hair stronger. 
  • CHAMOMILE to strengthen dry or damaged hair.
  • HORSETAIL to boost scalp circulation.
  • MARIGOLD to moisturize oily, fine and dry hair.
  • NETTLE to help balance oily hair and rid dandruff. 
  • PARSLEY to help with dandruff.
  • ROSEMARY to promote hair growth and nourish the scalp.
  • SAGE to minimize hair loss and graying.
  • TEA TREE to help with dandruff.
  • WITCH HAZEL to stimulate natural hair growth.

Do you have any herbal hair treatments that you swear by? 

Source: Better Nutrition: "Discover the Best Herbs for Your Top Tress Troubles"