When the craving for soda hits, even the most health-conscious of us reach for the diet version. No sugar is always better than the whopping 44 grams in the majority soft drink bottles, right? Not exactly. Research continues to suggest that diet soda is not the sugar-free savior it was once thought to be. For one, it is believed that sugar-free sodas may be linked to metabolic syndrome—a condition that precedes or indicates diabetes—which often brings about high blood pressure and excess fat around the midsection. Secondly, since artificial sweeteners are so sweet compared to regular sugar, they may actually be spiking your craving for sugar rather than curbing it. And finally, in another recent study diet soda was found to impede the body’s ability to efficiently break down carbohydrates. Are these findings enough to convince you to nix the diet soda once and for all? Give us your take in the comments.