The dark side of social media seems to encourage too many unhealthy trends to count, from long-distance thigh gaps to over-plumped lips, blackout binge drinking to Herculean eating contests. Girls in Singapore even used Instagram to share proud photos proving how many coins they could fit in the space between their shoulder and clavicle—a testament to low body fat. Now photos of a new unhealthy trend are emerging on social sites—sunburn ‘art.’ Participants use clothing, stencils and sunblock to protect only certain areas of their bodies, then allow the unexposed skin to burn into a pattern. Experts say that while a sunburn may seem like a temporary affliction, the damage done is permanent (your risk for melanoma doubles once you’ve had more than five sunburns). If you or a family member is jonesing for some epidermal self-expression, why not bring back that 1980’s trend of colored zinc oxide? Just make sure to prep your ‘canvas’ with a prophylactic layer of sunblock base, of course.