The addiction memoir has become a genre in its own right, with a canon of devastating, beautifully written books such as Caroline Knapp’s ‘Drinking: A Love Story,’ Mary Karr’s ‘Lit,’ William S. Burrough’s ‘Junky’ and Jerry Stahl’s ‘Permanent Midnight.’ Now a new book about alcoholism, ‘Blackout’ by Sarah Hepola, is earning a place on the reading list. According to ’New York Times' reviewer Dwight Garner, the author does a fascinating job of explaining the science of what’s really happening during a blackout. Contrary to what many of us think, a blackout isn’t a period of reduced consciousness, but a period when the brain is unable to store memory. So people experiencing blackouts appear normal—even particularly jocular—to those around them, but will recall nothing of their drunken experiences in the morning. Hepola stitched the lost pieces of her own life together to write her book, which offers intimate insights into her struggle and ultimate triumph. What are some of your favorite memoirs? Share your list in the comments.