We've all heard of surgeries that approach sagging facial skin from the inside, but lasers inside the mouth? A doctor in Northern California is using targeted heat therapy to tighten nasolabial folds (smile lines), a notoriously hard-to-treat area, by shooting laser beams from the inside of the mouth, out toward the skin. This treatment is called the “inside-out face lift.”

"When you go inside the mouth, what it does is causes immediate contracting, and that tightening makes this nasal labial folds by the side of the mouth seem like they're plumping up," said Dr. Christine Lee, dermatologist and pioneer of the inside-out face lift, to ABC News.

The procedure costs $1,500 and takes about 30 minutes. Lee says each treatment should last for months, however, there are skeptics to this procedure. Some doctors argue that patients could receive better results with laser treatment directly on the skin or getting less expensive treatments such as fillers.

Do you see the inside-out face lift as a worthwhile procedure? What other remedies do you suggest for getting rid of those smile lines?



ABC News: New Procedure Dubbed 'Inside-Out' Face Lift Claims to Smooth Skin