The NFL quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is prepping to reach the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. The dual-threat  quarterback threw for nearly 3,400 yards while rushing for 849 yards—the most by a quarterback in 2014. But before he takes the field for the 2015 season, Wilson is moving his workout to the ring for some boxing workouts—one even involving a pool toy.


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Boxing workouts involve utilizing the muscles of your entire body.  This type of training will not only strengthen and tone your arms, legs and core muscles but it can help you relieve stress as well. Depending on how quick your moving, you can burn upwards of 500 calories in just one hour. 


Late night grind. #NoTime2Sleep

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For us amateurs, there are a variety of routes you could go, including joining a boxing gym where you can learn proper technique or buying a punching bag for your house. But if you’re not into those options or have no one to spar with, shadow boxing can be another great way to ramp up your cardiovascular capacity and relieve stress. Start out by doing 30 second sessions and taking a minute or two of rest between sets. If it helps, you can also use a tree, chair or mirror to act as your opponent.


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