You know those headlines that make your stomach drop? This was one of them for us. To think that women put on an average of 168 chemicals a day without realizing it is beyond frightening, especially as we proactively try to lead healthy lifestyles. While the research put out by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group says that some chemicals are harmless, others are absolutely not, including endocrine disruptors (which mess up our hormones), carcinogens and chemicals known to cause increased rates of reproductive problems and cancer in women. What’s more, because there is insufficient research on the effects of consumer chemicals, not much can be done to ban them. And since there isn’t a regulatory watchdog to oversee these chemicals the EPA is only allowed to step in if there is an “unreasonable risk” to pubic health or the environment. What’s your take on this news? And what can we can we do to protect ourselves and others? Share your thoughts in the comments!