If you’ve ever passed yourself off as being the ‘uncreative type,’ this news is about to invalidate any further self-deprecation. According to a new study, people vastly downplay their creative abilities. Researchers from Northwestern University found that over the course of seven experiments, the 1,200 participants consistently underestimated how many creative solutions they could think of in a limited amount of time. What stands out more is that participants’ solutions actually became more creative the longer they tried—whether it was brainstorming outlandish Thanksgiving dishes or punch lines for a sketch-comedy scene. According to one researcher, this may be because focusing intently on a topic over a longer period of time allows you to approach it from different angles mentally. That said, cut yourself some slack when you’re in a creative dry-spell and realize that your best ideas will likely arise only if you forge ahead. What are some ways that you overcome a creative lull? Tell us in the comments!