Here is a sampling of my inner monologue every time I see Jennifer Lopez on American Idol: How does she keep her skin so dewy like that? She looks like a toddler. Why is her hair always so shiny? Is she an angel? After two kids, could that really be her tan, taut belly peeking out from that waist-level neckline? (I nibble from a ladle of Ben & Jerry's as I contemplate...) Does she have some special diet or something?"

Apparently, the answer is yes. Not only does Lopez have a special diet, but she also has her own line of supplements and protein shakes called BodyLab, a new nutrition and fitness program for women that comprises of supplements and protein shakes, a fitness app and other components to help women get the most out of their workouts.

“The way we burn fat, our different stressors, different things about our metabolism that is totally different than men,” said Lopez in an interview with Good Morning America. “We just want to look good. We want to feel healthy. We want to be hot.”

The 45-year-old mother of two says she starts her day with a shake using BodyLab’s protein powder blend, which she says gives her energy.

Would you try Jennifer Lopez's supplements? (I sure will, as long as they can be blended into Ben & Jerry's shakes.) Let us know in the comments.



ABC News: Jennifer Lopez’s New Fitness Mission to Help Make Women ‘Look Good’