One protein powder does not fit all. Taste, food tolerance, and numerous other factors will obviously impact your personal choice in protein. And we’re confident some of you are devout whey, hemp, or whatever-you-love powder enthusiasts. We respect your personal choice. But as we spoke with experts, searched the deep pockets of the Google machine, and asked around to fellow sippers, a few protein powders popped up. Again. And again. So while we’re not endorsing any one single powder here, we’re sharing with you our findings on what seem to be crowd pleasers.   

What to Buy? 

Isagenix is made using dairy from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. No hormones or antibiotics ever enter the food chain for these animals, which means purer whey protein.   

Garden of Life Raw Protein gets its protein from sprouted grains and seeds. It’s organic and vegan (no dairy or animal protein) and comes in a few different flavors including Vanilla Spiced Chai. We love that you can buy it in convenient single serving packs as well as in bulk. 

ALOHA vegan protein powder lists cacao, vanilla beans, and organic Sacha Inchi seeds (nutty-tasting South American seeds said to be jam-packed with good fatty acids, vitamins and protein) among the many natural ingredients. The company reports using only superfoods, such as spinach, blueberries, and peas, in its plant-based protein.

Taste for yourself and let us know what you think of these protein powders or others you may like. If you have a favorite or an opinion on one of ours, we’d love to hear it.


  1. Isagenix International
  2. Garden of Life
  3. Aloha