How the actress trained for Warcraft with Ramona Braganza.

Paula Patton is a professional, and didn’t let a high-profile divorce from husband Robin Thicke get in the way of her career – or her workout regimen. The star enlisted celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, whose client list includes Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Kate Beckinsale, to get her in kick-ass, action heroine shape for her lead role alongside Dominic Cooper in the upcoming blockbuster film, Warcraft, slated for release in 2016. 

“Paula’s character, Garona, required her to be in several battle scenes fighting on the ground and while riding horses, so she had to look strong and be fit to handle the grueling requirements of the role,” explains Braganza, who trained her client 5 days a week in Vancouver, British Columbia while making the film based on the smash World of Warcraft video game series.  

Using her famous 3-2-1 Training Method, the duo did a 3-day split, working her legs, glutes and arms on different days.  On the off days, Paula relaxed by getting bodywork, such as massages.  “She commits to what she is doing and gives it 100 percent of her attention and effort, even if it means getting up at 3:30 a.m. for a quick 20- to 30-minute workout before she has a body-revealing scene,” Braganza reveals about her client’s workout ethic.  One exercise Patton isn’t a fan of?  “She doesn’t love jumping.  Many of my girls don’t enjoy plyometrics.  But she does really like static stretching, which we do a lot of after each workout.”

As for her diet, Braganza divulges that Patton was very controlled during filming. “She often has a protein bar before her workouts and a green drink after. She, as do all of my clients, practice the 90/10 rule when on a film. 90% of the time she stayed on an eating plan, which limited complex carbs, included protein with every meal and snack and ate lots of vegetables.”