Many of us have started to think twice about the chemicals we put on our nails which, with their industrial-grade solvents and hardeners, can't possibly be good for our health. We make fewer mani/pedi appointments, opt for the buffing treatment over the cherry red, buy our polish at the health food store. But what about the women who work in nail salons, whose livelihood requires them to be exposed to these chemicals all day, every day? Turns out, as this remarkable expose shows, they suffer from miscarriages, breathing and neurological disorders, even cancer, at tragically high rates. And, so far, the government has done little to protect workers from the occupational hazards that lurk in products manufactured by some of the country's most powerful chemical and cosmetics conglomerates. Has nail polish become the new secondhand smoke, leading to legislation aimed at protecting workers? Will you change your habits in light of the dangers which are being exposed? Sound off in the comments.