While we all now know to look for BPA-free products, there are even some who avoid plastic like the plague. It's now becoming clearer that the more radical approach is probably the safest. With a lot of new information coming out about the harm that phthalates can cause, there's still a definite lack of regulation and transparency. There are also more phthalates than just BPA to avoid, and some manufacturers even started subbing a potentially equally toxic phthalate, BPS, for BPA. The ubiquity of phthalates is especially concerning because they're essentially in any kind of 'squeezable', pliable plastic product as well as beauty products (often in the form of ambiguously termed 'fragrance') and edibles, from milk to spices. Amy Westervelt includes some great tips in her article, which I'll try to sum up: Look for 'phthalate-free' products and not just 'BPA-free' ones; don't keep food in plastic containers for a long period of time; use glass storage containers; and avoid 'recycling-code-3' plastic.