Sorry to prove you wrong, Mom, but there’s one video game that might not ‘turn our brains to mush’ after all. According to new research, the video game Tetris may help trauma victims overcome painful memories and flashbacks. The results of the study detailed that those who played Tetris 24 hours after witnessing disturbing video reported fewer ‘intrusive’ memories (believed to be due to the game’s ability to ‘re-configure’ the visual memory as the brain chooses to focus on the game rather than the traumatic memory).

The authors of the study admitted their research was limited because it was undetermined if the game could have the same affect on people who experienced a traumatic event as opposed to watching one, but the experiments could be replicated in the future with people who had recently undergone traumatic experiences.

Though there are skeptics of the study’s findings, this isn’t the first claim made about Tetris’s mental health benefits. Other studies have linked Tetris to improving brain efficiency and fending off mental decline. If the game can offer benefits to our lives, besides being a cure for boredom, it’s definitely worth playing. What do you think of this Tetris/mental health connection? Tell us in the comments!



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