You may’ve already heard about the family vacationing in St. John, Virgin Islands who became critically ill by unknown exposure to pesticides at their resort. Now a child in Palm City, Florida is facing a similar predicament.

Peyton McCaughey, 10, had an extreme neurological reaction upon returning to his home after it had been fumigated. He was rendered suddenly unable to speak or control his muscles, rare but known side effects of exposure to sulfuric fluoride, a chemical used to control termites, rodents, beetles and bedbugs. Ironically, sulfuric fluoride was developed as a less toxic alternative to phosphine, which had been used before its negative effects were discovered.

So what do you do if you need to get rid of domestic pests? One great resource recommended by safety watchdog Environmental Working Group is ‘Beyond Pesticides,’ which you can find with a quick Google search. Have you ever heard about health problems resulting from fumigation? What do you know about non-toxic alternatives?



ABC News Radio: Family Alleges Pest Fumigation Left Boy Severely Injured