Sometimes the frustration of insomnia can only be quelled by a late-night snack, and before you know it, that one snack turns into your nightly ritual. But if you want to keep off the pounds, it’s time to trade the PB&Js for more Z’s. According to researchers, adults who have trouble sleeping consume about 500 additional calories due to these late-night snack fests. Not only is sleep deprivation to blame for extra weight gain, but it is also tied to difficulty concentrating during the day. In fact, the study found that those who fasted before bed had ‘better reaction times and fewer attention lapses’ than those who snacked. Researchers suggest upping physical activity during the day to improve your chances of falling asleep before a snack attack hits. What are some of your tricks to getting ample sleep in addition to staving off the late-night munchies? Tell us in the comments!