Bad news for munchie lovers: It’s not only the post-marijuana junk food that will raise your blood sugar, but also the plant itself. Even though past studies concluded that frequent pot smokers were less likely to develop diabetes than those who didn’t partake, a new study has found that’s not because their blood sugar levels are low—in fact, they’re 39 percent higher than those of non-users.

Prediabetes is "a risk factor for future cardiovascular disease, but if recognized, it is also an intervention point and opportunity to prevent the progression to diabetes and mitigate risk for future cardiovascular disease," said lead author Mike Bancks, of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Minneapolis.

This head-scratcher in the data may simply mean that high blood sugar shows up before diabetes develops, so it should be treated as a warning sign. The takeaway? If you enjoy marijuana, medical or otherwise, keep an eye on your blood sugar and back off the weed if you notice it’s high. And, unfortunately, it’s probably prudent to avoid those pot brownies.

Have you noticed a connection between pot and your blood sugar?



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