We already know that music is one hell of a motivator during an intense workout, but now you can make music—with drums (like Buddy Rich!)—while you get fit.

POUND is a new exercise method inspired by the powerful, unrivaled fusion of music and movement that uses Ripstix™, lightly weighted drumsticks, to work the entire body. Take a look at these workouts and find a local POUND class at PoundFit.com. You can even start drumming at home with their POUND Rockout Results system, which includes DVDs, a nutrition guide, fitness journal, calendar and a set of your own Ripstix®.

POUND Planks: Every hour. On the hour. In a strong plank position, extend your Ripstix forward and tap, then come back to plan (light tap), then extend straight out to the side, creating a 90 degree angle or an "L" shape. Do 2-3 sets of 10 reps on each side! Ready, GO!


POUND Skis: To setup, stand up straight and take your right leg back, keeping your hips squared forward. Bend both knees and make sure your left knee is not coming over your toe. You there? Good. Now, strike your right Ripstick in front then propel your right knee up and jump, striking at the top. Repeat 20 times then switch legs. Hit a set or 2 every hour, on the hour and expect a "WOAH" from your tush tomorrow morning!


POUND Tippers: Stand upright with your legs straight and Ripstix on either side of your thighs. Imagine being sandwiched in between two walls: one in front of you, and one behind. Your goal is avoid leaning forward or backward as you perform each movement. First, "tip"  to your right side and reach your right Ripstick towards your right foot. Bend your left elbow and tuck your left stick towards your hip as you do this. Use your obliques to guide you back to the center and strike Ripstix together. Repeat to the opposite side, exhaling as you return to center each time.


POUND Double Leg Lifts:  This simple move will really "stick" it to your lower abs and obliques! Start by grabbing both Ripstix in your right hand. Place your left hand on the ground near your hip and sit down low, hovering your feet off the ground, legs squeezed together. Cross your right hand over your lap and give the ground a smack while you lift your legs as high as you can (lift using your core, not hip flexors!). Cross back over your lap and hit the ground on the right side. That's one rep. Do 15-20 reps on each side, 3 sets.


*Bonus: If you're feeling extra frisky, try tapping the ground twice instead of once for a little added volume. #MAKENOISE