Most of us know what probiotics can do for our digestive systems—and if beauty brands have their way, we're about to find out what they can do for our skin.

“We are going to see it in face masks, face washes, creams, serums and more,” says Alexis Wolfer, editor-in-chief of The Beauty Bean and author of The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty's Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen. “The way probiotics helps with your digestion is the same way it will help with your skin.”

Probiotics have been found to be a calming effect on skin redness and irritation. The American Academy of Dermatology released a report this year that details the effects of probiotics on the skin. Researchers found that probiotics send signals that stop your skin cells from reacting to bacterial reactions that can cause acne or rosacea.

The researchers concluded that probiotics in topical products can act as a protective shield for the skin’s surface, to help keep it healthy and preventing future breakouts.

In addition to skin products, Wolfer says products in your refrigerator like Greek yogurt can also be effective to helping your skin.

Wolfer says Greek yogurt contains both lactic acid that can fight dull skin and healthy fats that will moisturize without clogging your pores.

If probiotics can help keep acne away, I say it’s worth a try. What’s even better is if you don't have a taste for yogurt, you can still enjoy its health benefits on your skin.



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