Seeing the words ‘healthy’ and ‘processed’ together seems like an oxymoron. Doesn’t ‘processed’ food imply lower nutritional content not to mention staggering amounts of refined grains, sodium, sugar and even trans fats? But according to ‘Harvard Health Letters,’ not all processed foods are created equally. To separate the bad from good, the dietitian interviewed in this piece suggests you focus on the ingredients rather than the presentation. For example, frozen vegetables and fruits can be a great go-to source since they rarely contain added ingredients, and freezing keeps nutrients from degrading due to oxygen exposure. Canned beans and fish can be beneficial as well. If these types of ‘processed’ foods can help you incorporate more veggies, fruits and protein into your diet, it seems the pros far outweigh the cons (although concerns of canned packaging aren’t addressed here). What types of healthy ‘processed’ foods do you enjoy? Share them in the comments!