Crave that sweet squash all year 'round? You no longer have to pine for Thanksgiving: cosmetics companies are putting pumpkin in skincare. Beauty experts claim that pumpkin seed oil boasts several nutrients that can be highly beneficial to your skin.

"Pumpkin seed oil is packed with healthy fats to hydrate and vitamin A to encourage cell turnover, which helps keep skin looking younger, prevent breakouts, and even fade scars," said Alexis Wolfer, editor of The Beauty Bean and author of The Recipe for Radiance, in an interview with ABC News.

Some beauty experts use pumpkin seed oil for facial massages because it has Vitamin A, which keeps the skin looking younger, and Vitamin E, which heals the skin. Wolfer says pumpkin is great for people with acne or aging skin and a handful of beauty companies are selling products with pumpkin seed oil that range anywhere from $13 to $94.

Coconut oil and pumpkin seed oil are very similar in the benefits it can produce when applying to your skin but there's one area where pumpkin falls short—coconuts are antimicrobial and antibacterial, where pumpkin seed oil isn't. Despite that, it doesn't hurt to give the orange fruit a try. Pumpkin seed oil can still be good for you.

 Have you ever tried pumpkin on your skin? In what ways do you use it?



ABC News Radio: Pumpkin Seed Oil Creeping Up on Coconut in Popularity