Book your dream zen getaway online.

Just because you’re not Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston or Russell Brand doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself for a week with exclusive yogis and spiritual gurus, for roughly the cost of your average vacation. is a new resource for picking out the perfect spiritual, fitness-fueled or self-improvement centered vacation, offering retreats with the top instructors at a variety of locations around the world.  From a yoga and surf retreat in Nicaragua with Oakley Women’s Ambassador Lindsay Gonzalez or a breathwork retreat in the Sequoias with spiritual healer Michael Baker to a yoga and dance retreat in Costa Rica with Qoya creator Rochelle Schieck, the website is first of its kind, not only allowing you to search for retreats by venues and instructors, but also enabling you to book your entire trip with a few clicks of your mouse. 

The unique website offered us tips on how to choose your dream retreat.  Start by asking yourself these questions:

Where in the world DO you want to go?  Why not combine your dream destination with an energizing/restful/cleansing/fill in the blank retreat and come back in better shape mentally and physically than when you left?  If you’ve always wanted to go on Safari in Africa and like hatha, vinyasa and Ayurvedic yoga, then sign up for Safari Retreat for the Soul 2015.  If India is on your To-Go-To list, then check out the Pilgrimage to the Heart of Yoga, where you’ll explore the root culture of Yoga and practice several times a day while eating vegetarian fare and lodging in luxury. 

What’s your passion?  Are you a fitness yogi that loves to pump out Chaturanga handstands or do you prefer chanting?   The site offers more than 80 upcoming retreats, with some incorporating surfing, life coaching and cooking into their daily routine. They start as early as next week.

Who do you want to go with?  While it may be fun and more pocket-friendly to go on a retreat with a pal, also consider going solo, as retreats are a great place to meet like-minded, healthy-conscious friends.

What kind of teaching experience are you looking for?  Celebrity instructors may offer a certain skill set, but don’t count out up-and-coming instructors, who can teach you just as much. 

If you are ready for a mental and physical recharge and want access to some of the best instructors and retreats around the world, SeekRetreat is a great resource; the hard part is choosing which vacay you want to experience first.


  2. Retreat for the Soul 2015
  3. Yogalife: Pilgrimage to the Heart of Yoga