Tuna tartare, ahi sashimi, ceviche — these three refreshing dishes are favorites of those watching their carbs and calories as we enter bathing suit season. But a new report from the Centers for Disease Control threatens to put a damper on this summer’s raw enjoyment. We associate salmonella, a bacterium that kills more than 400 Americans every year, with raw or undercooked chicken, but it turns out salmonella can show up in raw fish as well. While most people who come into contact with salmonella will suffer food poisoning symptoms and then recover, a small percentage can experience lasting effects, such as a kind of joint pain called reactive arthritis, which also has visual and urinary symptoms. To stay safe from salmonella, stay away from raw or undercooked proteins. Even the most delicious spicy tuna roll isn’t worth a summer indoors. What are your favorite ways to enjoy cooked tuna without sacrificing the flavor of raw dishes? Share tips and recipes in the comments.