Yep, you read that right. Sexy time, and a lot of it, can increase your lifespan significantly. Intimacy is a rather hot topic at times, especially when it comes to how much of it is enough. Some say abstaining is the key, while others remark on how beneficial regular, safe and healthy sex can be.

However, it all comes down to what the professionals say.

Not disregarding its pitfalls, current studies are beginning to reveal that sex is so good for you that it can help with longevity – Netflix and chill equals immortality?

But it all comes down to the particulars of research and what aspects it impacts, so let’s see what it tells us about one of our favourite acts of love.

Orgasm for a couple more years with a healthy heart

The orgasm isn’t just a sign that you had the kind of sex that decommissions you till Monday. It’s actually good for your heart. A study titled “Sex and Death: Are they Related” revealed, in 1997, that there was a correlation between frequent orgasms and a risk reduction in death as a result of coronary heart disease.

What’s more, the study also pointed out that you don’t need a partner to experience the same beneficial orgasm, because “five-aside” is equally as soothing.

The birds and the bees sound so sensually sweet

While a correlation between happiness and longevity continues to polarise researchers, we can all agree that happiness is key to a good, healthy life. After a session in the sheets, you will undoubtedly feel great. This is your brain releasing “feel-good” chemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin, both of which are known as the body’s natural anti-depressants.

In fact, a study on sex and women found that those who have a healthy, sexual relationship, with frequent intimacy, are less likely to suffer from depression. This is because the post-orgasm feel-good chemicals are four times more potent than that of their male counterparts.

Sexy time for a healthier you

If you break a sweat while doing the dirty, then you must be doing something right. Well, at least for your health. Good and frequent sex can get the heart rate pumping, while lowering blood pressure.

It’s like a workout, only this time your “personal trainer” is giving you words (or sounds) of encouragement, and not trying to kill you. A study in 2009 discovered that men who had sex at least two to three times a week had a lower chance of developing heart disease compared to men who had sex once a month.

Bye, bye sleeping pills!

Want a good night’s rest? Well, you and your partner getting it on can act as a natural sleeping pill that doesn’t have you feeling groggy the morning after. Remember those feel-good post-orgasm chemicals? Well, one of them (Prolactin) has a direct relationship to sleep for men. So when your male partner passes out, it’s because that chemical just kicked in – good job!

But how does sleep make you live longer? Doctors say that not having enough sleep can cause heart problems, diabetes and depression and all of these unhealthy conditions can reduce your lifespan in a variety of ways.

The flu busting sexually active immune system

There’s no denying that unprotected sex with multiple partners can lead to infections that damage the immune system. However, that’s because it’s not safe, and responsible. Safe sex is actually linked to fending off illness. That’s partly because Immunoglobulin (a substance known to fight illness) was once found to be 30% higher in those who enjoy a session between the sheets at least twice a week.

Swap your prostate cancer risk for an orgasm

Coming back to coming; not only does the act reduce your risk of heart disease, it can also lessen your chances of getting prostate cancer. According to a study in the journal of the American Medical Association, men who unclog the pipes at least 21 times a month, are less likely to get prostate cancer

So there you have it. Sex is what you need to be 103, and celebrated on news networks. Just remember that you should always practice safe intimacy, and do it with someone you genuinely enjoy having it with.

Sex in a dysfunctional relationship or unprotected sex with multiple partners can lead to a variety of complications. So choose your partners wisely and don’t be afraid to let loose when the curtains are closed and the door is locked – it’s good for you, and your partner.