Where to get it online.

Where should we go, as adults nowadays, to learn more about sex?

We all know that sex is great for us – not only physically, but emotionally and I would argue spiritually as well.  When it’s good, it’s so so so good.

Health-wise, WebMD lists 10 reasons why we should be pros at it – sex keeps our immune system well-oiled, boosts our libido, improves women’s bladder control, lowers our blood pressure, exercises us, lessens pain, lowers prostate cancer risk, improves sleep, and lowers stress. 

If sex does all these yummy wonderful things, all at once, we should be focused on being experts in the field, right?  Absolutely, you say.  The Big 0 makes the world go round. Most of us, though, are naive about all its possibilities. 


Well, during our teenage years, we had 3 places where we learned about this all-important, all-encompassing, all-consuming topic. 


First, there was our high school sex education class, where we watched really bad films and videos.  A friend of mine said her sex ed teacher, which also happened to be her gym teacher, was named Mrs. Boner – no lie.  Mrs. Boner sported a svelte body, which supported a mountainous beehive blonde hairdo that drove all the boys in her class crazy. 

The second place was our parents, who gave us The Talk.  How effective were those sexual Life Lessons for you?  Exactly.

Finally, there was our friends, who 9 times out of 10 just made shit up. 

So that takes us up to today, where we live in our 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond, most of us still completely oblivious to the vast expanses of orgasmic joy that lives and breathes in The Universe of Sex.  What’s an inquiring woman or man to do, then, to learn more about how to sample all the infinite flavorings of the Forbidden Fruit? 

Take thee to a Sex Blog. 

Type in “Sex Blog” on Google, and in .27 seconds, you get 13.1 million results. But where do you begin? The categories alone are overwhelming - Kink, BDSM (which stands for 3 types of sex, actually - Bondage/Discipline (BD), “Dominance/Submission (DS), and Sadomasochism (S&M), Sex Toys, Erotica, Role Play, Public Sex, Anal, Threesomes, Masturbation, Squirting, Mile High Club, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Fellatio, on and on and on. 

So here’s the inside dildo on sex blogs – pick one that turns you on. Most of the bloggers that did it for me were women. I love reading about what toys, positions and encounters drive them crazy.  One of my faves is Hey Epiphora written by a woman named Epiphora who claims to have “a very discerning vagina” and who for the past 6 years has been testing sex toys, techniques and lubes on herself and others in her lifelong quest for the ultimate orgasm.

Ephiphora’s favorite lube, at the moment, is Sliquid.  Her toy of choice?  The Jopen Key Comet G Want. Here’s what Epiphora has to say about it: “Prophetically, I wrote in my review of this dildo, “[it] has a very good chance of being the best sex toy I try all year.” Well, NAILED IT.  Nothing came close to the G-spot majesty of the Comet G Wand.”

I know what I’m getting my partner for Christmas. What man wouldn’t want to watch his loved one be overwhelmed with G-spot majesty? 

One of the more famous sex bloggers today is Dan Savage, who writes a weekly column called “Savage Love” for stranger.com. It’s a hoot to read, because it’s written in a question/answer “Dear Abby” format, on sextoids.  He covers everything- from trannies to toe sucking, open marriage to puppy play.  It’s whatever his crazy ass readership comes up with- the wilder, the better. 

If you want a general sex blog clearinghouse, go to kimbly.com. There, I found a few juicy choices– Lady Cheeky explores sex A-Z with some tasteful arousing pics combined with text, or go to her sister site Smut for Smarties (where Hank Moody of “Californication” would write if he wasn’t blogging for Hell A). Then there’s a married couple who go by the name of Venice and Ryan sharing their sex lives online in Fuck Blogging. A recent Venice and Ryan tale was all about their threesome wonderfulness experiences ending when they got tired of their female third wheel. 

I highly suggest how-to bloggers. I can’t say enough about “The Art of the Blowjob: For the Love of Oral Sex featuring comely redheaded Camille who delivers mind-blowing blowjobs - artfully.  Yes, it seriously can be done, and is done, artfully, by Camille.  If you have any doubt, check out what she does with a string of pearls. 

Here’s the bottom line. Exploring your sexuality is not only good, but crazy healthy good. Ask your doc if you have any doubts

The most important parting thought you must take with you:  At some point you have to stop reading, and start doing.


  1. Jopen Key Comet G Wand
  2. Lady Cheeky
  3. F**k Blogging
  4. Hey Epiphora
  5. Smut for Smarties
  6. The Art of the Blowjob: For the Love of Oral Sex