When I was 13, I didn’t have the patience to sit through an hour-long yoga class. But the same can’t be said for one Orange County teen. 13-year-old Jaysea DeVoe is one of the youngest certified yoga instructors in the United States.

DeVoe completed a five month, 200 hour yoga certification this past February and is currently a part-time instructor at the Bergamot Spa in Encinitas, Calif., where she teaches students from 4-to-60-years-old every Tuesday night.

But the adolescent yoga instructor has become a yoga celebrity in her neck of the woods, being invited to charity events up and down southern California.

DeVoe’s vinyasa flow classes have a nature theme to them and she calls her class “Sea Vibes Yoga,” “I’ve lived by the ocean my whole life so I’ve really liked just going with the flow and incorporating that into how I teach,” said DeVoe in an interview with The New York Times. The young yogi says she burns sea-scented incense and uplifting music tracks like Bob Marley’s “One Love/People Get Ready” during class.

Some people, however, question whether 13-year-old has an in-depth understanding of proper body movements and if she can work with older adults because their bodies are far different from each other.

DeVoe proves she has few haters near where she lives thanks to the dedicated following she has garnered. She is quite the inspirational teenager.



New York Times: Meet Jaysea DeVoe, One of the Youngest Yoga Teachers in the United States