The age old question – to shave or not to shave your nether regions – is obviously one that won’t sleep. Okay, it’s not an age old question, but still a relevant one for women. Of course we have our own feelings towards it, but there’s been plenty of discussions around shaving or not shaving, and the health benefits around either.

It used to be that shaving was considered cleaner and hygienic, but that might not even be the case. In fact, there is growing research suggesting the act of exchanging your comfy rug for a Brazilian wax may be less safe than we thought. Here is the low down.

It’s comfy

If you’ve shaved, or had a wax done you undoubtedly have experienced some form of discomfort after. That itching experience is a result of hair growing, which is sharper. Research points out that pubic hair is actually there to provide comfort.

Not only does it do so when you’re wearing tight jeans that might chafe, but also when you’re doing the dirty in the sheets with your partner. It acts as a barrier to the frictions that occurs.

You’re sexier

We know. You’re thinking how a huge bush could make you attractive to potential partners. Forget what they told you in beauty school though. Research also suggests that that a lovely tuft produces pheromones that signal fertility and can actually increase physical attractiveness. We’re just stating the biological facts folks.

You need it for sweat

While you might hate getting sweaty down there, it’s actually good for you. Apocrine is a kind of sweat that is secreted around your groin area. The glands make use of the pubic hair to secrete sweat that boasts proteins, lipids and pheromones. So it’s also good for your health.


The health benefits actually extend to protection against sexually transmitted infections. Studies have also shown that the act of waxing or shaving can increase the likelihood of contracting diseases such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HPV. Double ouch.

Let’s not forget risk

Every woman’s – cough, cough – is different in shape, and that means it requires different shaving techniques. As is the case, shaving or waxing can actually become very complicated and lead to serious injury. In fact, data shows that American ERs record the highest rates of genital injuries due to shaving, with 56.7% of patients being women. *throws away shaver*

What’s more, small cuts and wounds are likely to allow bacteria to enter into your system. This is made even more likely by how our groin area generates considerable heat and sweat, resulting in a moist environment where bacteria flourishes.

No more ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are the bane of any person’s existence. They can make you feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally since they’re painful and in plain sight for your intimate partner to see. Ingrown hairs are a result of mostly shaving, but can also occur when you wax. They can also result in blackhead-like lumps – not pleasant!

Absents of abscesses

Hair removal can also result in other unattractive conditions such as abscesses forming around your precious parts. Sadly these can only be removed through surgery or antibiotics, so you get sick and have to spend money to get it cured.

Look, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you and no one else. If you’re going to shave or not, you should at least know the risks. And it seems shaving has the most. Rather than going bare, researchers suggest that you can shave, but leave a little bit behind. Plus, it’s going to make you sexier and you also save extra cash for wine. It sure as fire works for me.

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