Why it may not be nuts.

We all know that raw almonds are a high protein, good fat, portable snack, and incorporating a handful of them into your daily diet can improve everything from your cardiovascular health to bone and teeth strength to energy; they can even help prevent weight gain. But are we getting the most nutrition out of them when we eat them dry? 

Stacy Keibler’s Pilates trainer, Nonna Gleyzer, reveals that the star’s favorite, energy-packed snack is raw almonds soaked in water overnight. What are the benefits of giving nuts, like almonds, an overnight bath?

Nuts contain phytic acid, which is difficult for many people to digest and can block the body's absorption of many nutrients and enzymes. Soaking them can help break down that phytic acid, make the nuts easier to digest, and allow the nutrients in the nuts to be more available to the body,” integrative and functional medicine physician Frank Lipman, MD, author of The New Health Rules, explains to LivingHealthy.

To soak nuts, rinse them and put them in a bowl of water, enough to cover all nuts. “The harder the nut, the longer you want to soak it!” Lipman says. “Eight to twelve hours is a good amount of time for almonds, while a softer nut like cashew can soak for about three to four hours. After you soak them, make sure to rinse off the soak water before eating.”