Everybody knows that getting a cute dog makes you more likely to get laid. Now it turns out a baby--or young child under the age of five, when cuteness is at a maximum level--may serve the same function for single parents. Even though they're probably time-strapped and exhausted, single parents with young children have more sex than those with kids over the age of five.

Researchers from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, surveyed roughly 2,100 single parents from a nationally representative sample of 5,481 Americans. The team asked the parents questions related to their dating and sex lives.

After analyzing their results, the researchers found that there single parents with children under the age of five reported having more sexual relations and were more active in going on dates than single parents with kids older than five.

“We found that single parents with a child aged five years or younger, adjusting for covariates, reported greater frequency of sexual activity and first dates but no differences in other outcomes compared with single parents of older children,” said the researchers.

The researchers really don’t provide a good explanation for why the results are what they are so we’re left to guess. What do you think the reason is?



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