For anyone hoping the ‘skinny jeans’ trend would just end already, this could do it. According to a recent case study, a woman developed compartment syndrome (a condition resulting from increased pressure in a confined body space) due to wearing her skinny jeans in which squatting was involved (she was helping someone move), thus causing damage to the muscle and nerve fibers in her lower legs. The good news is that following treatment (albeit, treatment that lasted four whole days), she was able to walk again. The lesson here? One, skip any skin constricting pants if squatting is in the day’s itinerary. And two, if you’re starting to feel numbness (particularly in your feet), change your pants! As amazing as your backside looks in those skinny jeans, no item of clothing is worth risking nerve damage. Have you ever had issues with your skinny jeans causing an uncomfortable situation such as this? Sound off in the comments!