It's easy to hide your consumption of huge quantities of food when you make a living doing strenuous exercise. Monica Seles recently opened up about her struggle with binge eating disorder—which is essentially bulimia, without purging—in the hope that she'll inspire others to get help.

“I look at my life and how many years I wasted by being shamed about it, hiding it from my family and friends and doing my binges in private … now there's help out there,” said Seles in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America”. Seles is working as a paid representative of Shire Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes Vyvanse, which is an ADHD drug recently approved by the FDA to treat binge eating disorder.

Seles is considered one of the greatest tennis players in history and endured one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports when she won the Australian Open three years after being attacked during a match in Germany. A fan stabbed Seles in the shoulder, which led to the former No. 1 player taking a two-year hiatus from the sport.

Do you think a drug should be used to treat what could also be considered a behavioral issue? Do you know anyone who struggles like Seles?



ABC News: Tennis Great Monica Seles Opens Up About Binge-Eating Disorder