If you’re among the 20 percent of Americans who are sleep deprived, chances are you’ve had to fight the urge to doze off during a meeting a handful of times. In fact, insufficient sleep is now considered a ‘public health epidemic’ by the CDC. Though sleeping in public may be a faux pas in the U.S., It is viewed differently in Japan. According to ‘The Guardian,’ the Japanese practice of inemuri or ‘being present while sleeping’ makes it socially acceptable to sleep on the job or in public. Of course, there are some ground rules, such as not sleeping under tables and needing seniority to snooze during a meeting. Since it may be awhile before inemuri takes off in the U.S., we recommend squeezing in a few minutes of meditation, which can rejuvenate you when mid-day shuteye isn't an option. According to The Art of Living Foundation (a non-profit organization that offers educational and self-development programs to help individuals eliminate stress and find inner piece), meditation can improve brain function and increase your attention span. How do you get through the day when you’re sleep deprived? Tell us in the comments!