If yoga enthusiast and instructor Dylan Werner has a weakness, it’s certainly not strength or flexibility. Just watch his Instagram video post, below. WOW. 


Central Park. Not really a flow. More just jumping and moving through handstand transitions.

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And then there’s this. Holy sh##t!



Yeah, this is exactly what pool ladders are made for.


The benefits of yoga are commonly known: stress reduction, improved balance and increased overall fitness, to name a few (see Sources). There’s no denying Werner is reaping the rewards. If you’re wondering how long it may take you to get to a level like Werner, keep in mind he’s been teaching yoga for four years and has more than 10 years of background in strength and bodyweight movement (see Sources).


If you’re contemplating trying some of Werner’s extreme poses, immediately reconsider. Don’t try it unless you have some experience in the field. Just don’t. A good start would be signing up for a beginner-level yoga class and working your way up. Hey, maybe a couple years down the road you, too, might be able to do a handstand off the edge of the Grand Canyon.


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