Disposable water bottles are SO environmentally five years ago, but picking the perfect reusable water bottle can be a daunting task—considering there are hundreds flooding the market. Plastic, glass or stainless steel; small or large; hard or foldable; filtered or non-filtered… these are just a few of the characteristics that differentiate the leading hydration devices on the market today. 


LivingHealthy is making your life a whole lot easier by giving you a rundown of our 13 favorite products. Whether you’re a fierce fashionista looking for a chic bottle to toss in your Chanel bag; a world traveler trekking through underdeveloped countries; a devoted hiker, bike rider or outdoor enthusiast; or a total techie always on the lookout for the must-have gadget of the moment, there is a water bottle out there for you. So before you lazily grab another bottled water off the grocery store shelf, click through the latest, greatest and most environmentally conscious reusable bottles and invest in your own hydration accessory.