We admit—we have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen. While we know it’s incredibly important, it’s greasy, time-consuming and—if you’re applying it solo—super awkward to get to all those hard-to-reach areas. Which is probably why 41.6 percent of Americans aren’t consistent sunscreen users. But could a wearable device give us the incentive we need to remember that sunscreen’s pros outweigh the cons?

A ‘New York Times’ writer tested the latest technological devices that monitor sun exposure. From sun-tracking bracelets to smartphone apps, each one takes into account your location to calculate which SPF you should be applying and how often.

Trying one of these devices sounds like a good motivator to us, especially if you’re about to spend multiple hours outdoors and tend to avoid reapplying sunscreen. Have you tried any wearable technology for tracking sun exposure? Sound off in the comments!



The New York Times: Wearable Devices to Prevent Sunburn