When sizing up all the diets on the market, the evidence continues to mount in Beyoncé and Marco Borges’ vegan-advocating favor. The ‘Journal of General Internal Medicine’ determined the winning diet to be a vegan diet with vegans losing an average of 2.5 kg (or 5.5 pounds) more than non-vegetarian dieters. The runners up were the vegetarians, weighing in at 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds) less than other dieters.

One potential reason why vegan dieters shed more weight: They fill up on fiber-rich foods. Ru-Yi Huang, The lead author of the study, explains the reason for that is  “wholegrain products that are rich in fiber may cause the stomach to delay in emptying and therefore delay feelings of hunger.”

If you do jump on the vegan train, we recommend focusing on fiber foods that also pack in protein, such as green peas (1 cup offers 8 grams of protein), hemp seeds (3 tablespoons = 10 grams) and kidney beans (2 cups = a whopping 26 grams). Have you tried a vegan diet? What are some of your favorite vegan foods and recipes?



The Guardian: Should I Go Vegan to Lose Weight?