Maybe it’s 15 minutes after sitting down at your desk, or perhaps it’s the afternoon lull at 3 p.m. But for most of us, it’s pretty rare (okay, VERY rare) to maintain continuous energy all day long. Even though it’s tempting to go in search of a double espresso, the best energy-boosters may be in supplement or extract form. B vitamins, for starters, are known for their energy-boosting capabilities, working alongside our body’s ATP to convert food into energy. Since the body is unable to naturally produce them, fatigue often sets in if you’re not supplementing enough. A few other fatigue-reducing remedies that may help: Magnesium, which helps your body optimize its use of oxygen; omega-3 fats, which build healthy cell membranes; and iron (an iron deficiency is a common cause of fatigue, particularly for women). Or, give beet juice extract a try. Currently the focus of exercise research, beet juice increases nitric oxide in the body, which makes it a great energy booster especially before a workout. Have you tried any of these natural energy boosters? What’s worked for you? Share your suggestions in the comments.