The Man Bun—long hair is tucked into a little bun held in place by a hair bandis the latest hair craze for men. The Man Bun is almost always accompanied by a full beardthe hairier the better. 

Everyone whose anyone in the film biz seems to be bunnin’ these days. Some say The Bun sprouted first from the locks of Jared Leto when he sported his “Mun” during his Golden Globe acceptance speech as best supporting actor for Dallas Buyers Club last January. Leto has since been followed by a constellation of Man Bun stars, including Bradley Cooper, Russell Brand, Orlando Bloom, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio

Why the Man Bun now? There are a few practical, ease-of-use benefits to the Man Bun that guys really love. He doesn’t have to shave, or even shower in the morning before heading off to workthe more bohemian the better. The Man Bun creates a samurai meets yoga vibe, with an added sprinkle of artist aura that will get folks wondering where his next show opening will be.  A Man Bunner can share that brotherhood nod with his fellow Man-Bunned barista when he’s handed a complimentary espresso macchiato. He saves loads of money on haircuts. He doesn’t have to brush or comb his haireverbecause all he needs is a trusted hair tie. He never has to wear a tie; he’s too hip for that. He can wear three-day-old clothes, and look cool in them, the more torn, the better. Women bloggers have said the look is rugged, sincere, and sexy. According to one blogger, she loves “the hippie, yoga vegan connotations.”

So where do we go from here? The look is so prevalent in the hipster capitals of New York, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles that the Man Bun competition is heating upand getting, well, crazy. I recently saw one Man Bunner cruising confidently through the streets of Brooklyn with streaks of red hair running through his jet-black hair, all radiating back towards a bright crimson red Man Bun prominently centered behind his head. 

The Man Bun seems to elicit a strong response from folkspeople either love it, or hate it.  I, for one, think the Man Bun looks completely ridiculous. To me, it’s halfway to nowhere. A Man Bun is not long hair, nor is it short hair. To me, it completely neuters a man because it makes him look masculine and feminine at the same time (and that’s probably the real reason why almost all the Bunners sport thick beards).

I predict that the end of the Man Bun era is very soon, and it will happen when the Man Bunners start grabbing their girlfriends’ scrunchies because they’re running late for work and can’t find their own hair ties. Yes, the scrunchy will kill the Man Bun. If you have any doubt, just picture Leonardo in a pink scrunchy, or Bradley in purple. That day can’t get here soon enough.