Why Pemmican Bars Will Be a Dietary Staple in 2015.

Move over Wheaties, bacon and eggs, green juice and our beloved Bulletproof Coffee [Read “Bulletproof Coffee: Diet Secret or Scam?”] , because according to Larry Kaskel, MD, Medical Director of Northwestern Wellness Center, the breakfast of champions in 2015 is Pemmican! 


“Pemmican” is not a brand, but a concentrated mixture of fat and protein, typically made out of dried meats such as beef and bison, which are pounded into a powder and mixed with melted fat. Sometimes dried fruits like cherries and cranberries, or even chocolate, is added for flavor. Invented by Native Americans, the portable, high-energy food was a dietary staple of early farmers as well as Arctic explorers, who not only consumed them, but also fed them to their sled dogs.

“Everyone should be changing their breakfast routine and grabbing a Pemmican protein bar before they start their day.  They are a great source of energy without the carbohydrates and very little sugar,” he says.

Currently a staple for professional athletes and weightlifters as well as an obsession for Paleo die-hards on the hunt for on-the-go, whole food meal replacements, fans usually describe the taste as "healthy," and admit that the flavor grows on them. 

“They make for an ideal breakfast and fuel source that will power you through the morning without any fatigue,” says Kaskel.  

Kaskel recommends Beef Pemmican Bars from US Wellness Meats, which are made out of 100% grass-fed beef jerky, beef tallow, water and sea salt, but recipes for make-your-own Pemmican bars abound on the internet.  Vegetarians and vegans may want to stick with their green juice!


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