Swanky hotel gyms are starting to become a thing of the past, being replaced by a more intimate trend in travel fitness: working out in the luxury of your own room. From budget-friendly motels and mega-chains to boutiques and posh resorts, many hotels are offering incentives to break a sweat solo with in-room workout videos and gear rentals for their guests, making it a little easier to get a workout in on the road.


“Many women—and some men—don’t feel comfortable in a hotel gym,” explains lifestyle, health and productivity trainer Marcey Rader about the recent rise in popularity of in-room hotel workouts. “They would rather eat mud than be caught in a hotel fitness center at 5:30AM, sweaty, body parts jiggling, hair in a clippy, in their no-makeup face, next to someone who could be their potential client for their morning meeting or even someone they work with.”

In addition to the effectiveness of bodyweight workouts and functional strength training and the fact that they can be easily done anywhere, Rader notes other benefits to bypassing the hotel gym, including not having to cater to inconvenient hours of operation and being able to work out in your underwear. 

Extended Stay America, the largest owner-operated hotel brand in the U.S., is one of the hotels that’s in on this new in-room workout shift, partnering with Rader as their Savve Travel Expert. Among her duties, she equips travelers with the tools to achieve exceptional levels of productivity and health, with easy-to-follow, 3- to 4-minute in-room videos highlighting workouts, yoga strength and practical opportunities for fitness.

Extended Stay is just one of the many hotels and resorts jumping on the in-room workout bandwagon, joining forces with experts and fitness brands. As part of their Urban Wellness Program, The James Hotels recently partnered with ChaiseFitness, offering on-demand access to the NYC fitness chain’s ReinventYOU 20-minute workouts, while the Hyatt Regency Chicago teamed up with Windy City-based The Barre Code, giving guests four 12 to 15-minute in-room videos created by founders Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin, each focusing on strengthening a different area of the body. The workouts utilize items such as pillows, towels and chairs as props, but if guests are looking for something more, yoga mats and two, three and five-pound free weights are offered at no charge.

If you’re a guest at one of the nine Trump Hotels worldwide and want to slip a quick workout in, the Trump Wellness Travel Fit program offers yoga mats, resistance bands and light weights, as well as apparel and footwear from Under Armor and preloaded iPod Shuffles. In addition to a variety of on-demand workouts—including yoga classes—on their in-room televisions, Kimpton Hotels also provides lodgers with Gaiam yoga mats, all free of charge. 

If you aren’t staying at a hotel that offers in-room workout programming and still want to break a sweat without leaving your room, you do have options, including streaming popular workouts online; putting together your own routine with poses, stretches or moves from your favorite classes; or following a special routine courtesy of celebrity trainer and CEO/founder of Clutch Bodyshop, Ashley Conrad.

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