This gives whole new meaning to ‘going outside for some fresh air.’ A recent study conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder found a typical home’s house dust contains an average of over 5,000 species of bacteria and 2,000 species of fungi—more or less depending on the geographical location of the home and its proximity to soil and leaves. Researchers were even able to guess which dwellings had cats or dogs as well as the residents’ genders based on the bacterial samples (apparently men and women attract different types). So how do you reduce the microbes in your humble abode? Station a few air-purifying plants throughout your house (according to ‘Healthline,’ a 2,000-square-foot house should have about 15 to 20 plants in six-inch pots), such as English Ivy, Peace Lilies, Dracaena or Bamboo Palm. Just be sure to check the plants are safe for pets if you have any. What do you do to keep your indoor air fresh and clean? Tell us in the comments!