Packing and preparing for an international trip can be daunting, especially when you’re traveling to a foreign destination that doesn’t offer the same type of health care, medications and supplements you’re accustomed to. But no matter where you’re visiting, you want to make sure you’re ready for any unexpected ailments, injuries or health issues that may occur along the way.   

Enter fashion designer-turned-travel blogger Geren Lockhart, who spends most of the year hopping on planes to one exotic locale after the next. The Los Angeles native, whose international jet-setting adventures are documented on her website Born Packed, has gotten her travel prep down to an art. She tells LivingHealthy, “I basically prepare for a trip and pack a health kit that’s the same no matter the location”—a similar concept to LivingHealthy’s HealthStation™, yet on the go.  “Since I travel so much, it’s like I’m having my every day somewhere else.” From her prep tips to her favorite products, Lockhart has invited us to peek into her health and wellness travel kit. Here’s how to create your own before your next journey.  



Born Packed